Top 10 Things in IT That Are NOT Going to Happen in 2016

Posted by Rob Williams on Tue, Jan 05, 2016 @ 12:30 PM

2016_IT_Predictions.jpgThere are so many articles out there on what’s going to happen in the coming year. We, at Oxford Networks, thought that we would offer a few helpful insights into what companies should NOT expect in 2016.

Here are the top 10 things that aren't going to happen in 2016:

1. Big Data is NOT getting any smaller anytime soon.

Big data is transforming almost every industry in the world – from healthcare to education, language translation, finance, recruiting agencies, and beyond. According to the IDC, only 1% of apps use cognitive services. By the end of 2018, the IDC predicts that over 50% will. After all, analytics are providing previously unforeseen insights, which are improving decision-making, and leading to higher profits.

2. Investment in the Third Platform will NOT back down in coming years.

The IDC forecasts that, “by 2017, over 50% of organizations' IT spending will be for 3rd platform (cloud-based and mobile device application) technologies, solutions, and services.” This will rise to over 60% by 2020.

3. Advanced machine learning services are NOT losing steam.

As one of the most rapidly-evolving technologies in the world today, machine learning services, like IBM Watson, will continue to gain steam in the New Year, especially since Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are rolling out their own machine learning services.

4. Humans will increasingly NOT be involved in electronic financial transactions.

Gartner predicts that, “by 2020, autonomous software agents outside of human control will participate in 5% of all economic transactions.”

5. Some supervisors will NOT be human.

Gartner also predicts that, by 2018, more than 3 million workers globally will be supervised by a "robo-boss."

6. Your business will NOT necessarily be assured safety from digital vandalism.

Gartner predicts that, “by year-end 2018, 20% of smart buildings will have suffered from digital vandalism.”

7. IT budgets will NOT rest exclusively in the hands of your IT teams.

The IDC predicts that, “by 2018, Line of Business (LOB) executives will control 45%+ of all IT spending worldwide, over 60% in the U.S.”

8. The uses and applications of cloud technologies will NOT slow down.

Forrester predicts that, after mainstream adoption, the cloud will “shift to the next gear in 2016 and expand use cases.” As a result, Forrester says that “infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals' attitudes around automation and relinquishing some control (will change). The goal of entire business ecosystems operating in a blend of cloud services is within reach.”

9. Companies are NOT going to give up on Adaptive Security Architectures.

By 2018, 50% of enterprises with more than 1,000 users will use cloud access security broker products to monitor and manage their use of SaaS and other forms of public cloud.


10. The challenges in deciding how your organization will utilize the cloud and how you can best prevent or reduce downtime in the event of a disaster or emergency will NOT go away if you ignore them.

Make 2016 the year you take action to fortify your back-up, recovery, and future computing plans. 

So, there you have it! These are the things that won't come to pass in 2016!

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