Top 2 Growth Tips Every CIO Needs to Know

Posted by Rob Williams on Tue, Jul 07, 2015 @ 11:30 AM

Top_2_Growth_Tips_Every_CIO_Needs_to_KnowIn the past, a business could still be successful by operating in silos. Today, a business needs to be connected in all ways at all times to survive.

A successful business is a business that connects across all departments, from the C-level suites to contributor-level employee desks.

Without this connectivity, CIOs cannot make the decisions necessary to reach the best technology decisions and facilitate future growth. It is time to step out of the old practices and into a role that embraces the future.

Here are the top two ways CIOs are breaking away from traditional roles to connect the C-suite and deliver more business value to their organizations:

    1. Ensure that your departments know the latest apps they can be using.

      In today’s fast-paced markets, the applications that your company uses can have a major impact on business performance and profitability. Whereas CIOs once tried to limit the number of applications entering the enterprise, today’s CIOs have a different aim: to apprise departments of the latest apps available to them by offering an approved app store list.

      Apps enable your enterprise to be better. “It’s not for me to tell the salespeople how to sell,” Forrester analyst Bobby Cameron explained in a recent article from “It’s for me to tell them that the apps they want are in the app store.

      Overall, more options are a good thing when presenting your teams with potential apps. Along with encouraging a healthy dialogue with various departments about the newest technologies in the market, CIOs should also prepare to work more closely with the business side of the C-level suite as security concerns continue to build.

    2. Engage Other C-Level Comrades to Fight Complex Security Concerns

      The era of mobile paired with growing security threats has presented a new set of risks to the enterprise. As these threats mount, CIOs must step into a more collaborative role with their executive counterparts to ensure their organizations are secure and compliant.

      Matt Comyns, the global co-head of Cybersecurity at Russell Reynolds Associates, recently sat down for an interview with to describe the changes that must take place within the C-suite to properly combat security concerns. He explained that developing a reporting pattern with fellow execs is critical.

      “To be effective, cybersecurity must exist as a broad organizational priority that engages all employees,” Comyns continued. “Business unit-specific cybersecurity teams must maintain strong ties to company leadership for the entire operation to be effective.

It is for these exact reasons that security can no longer be a siloed IT problem and the sole concern of the CIO.

It's essential for CIOs to reach out and encourage line-of-business communication to further internal leadership and risk strategy.

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